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Family Dentistry

Dr. Smith takes the time to discuss your dental health and any questions you have about improving your smile. He and his team will develop an individual treatment plan to meet your needs.

We believe it is important for our patients to ultimatley decide and create their dental health treatments with our guidance. We smile when you smile.


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Dental Heath Tips

  • Brushing

    Proper Brushing Tips
    Remember to replace your toothbrush every three to four months. Researchers have established that thousands of microbes grow on toothbrush bristles and handles. Most are harmless, but others can cause cold and flu symptoms, cold sores, and bacteria that can cause periodontal infections. -- www.adha.org

  • Children

    At what age should my child start to see a Dentist Regularly?
    Schedule regular oral health appointments starting around your child's second or third birthday. Your oral health professional will check for cavities in the primary teeth and watch for developmental problems, as well as help to create a positive experience that may alleviate fear at future visits. -- www.adha.org

  • Life Saving Advice

    Proper Oral Health Care
    Good nutrition and oral hygiene care practiced at home are particularly important during the teen years. Proper diet, brushing, and flossing all play an important role in maintaining a healthy smile and preserving teeth during these challenging years. Cavities and periodontal (gum) disease can be a threat to teens as well as adults. -- www.adha.org


New and Current Patient Information

  • How do I schedule my next checkup?

    Simply call our practice! Our front desk staff will be happy to help schedule your next dental check-up at your convenience. If you are a new patient, please let us know, and we will provide you with all the information you need for your first dental visit.